Paket Wisata Karimunjawa Murah 2018 2019 2020 2021

Paket Wisata Karimunjawa Murah 2018 2019 2020 2021

Anda sedang mencari Paket Wisata Karimunjawa Murah 2018 2019 2020 2021? Tepat sekali kami akan membahasnya dihalaman ini.


Paket Wisata Karimunjawa
Paket Wisata Karimunjawa

Paket Wisata Karimunjawa Murah 2018 2019 2020 2021
Kami atau Naraya Tour & Travel memberikan dan menyedikan paket wisata ke Karimunjawa murah, paket tour ke Karimunjawa murah, paket liburan ke Karimunjawa murah baik untuk tahun 2018 2019 2020 2021 dengan harga murah dan berkualitas.

Berikut daftar harga & waktu untuk Paket Tour ke Karimunjawa 2018 2019 2020 2021:
Silahkan hubungi Admin kami untuk mendapatkan harga penawaran terbaik dan termurah.

Apa saja yang bisa dinikmati saat wisata ke Karimunjawa? Berikut daftarnya:
1) Spot Maer (Windsurfing)
Located in the west of the island deer child (minor). In this spot there are many ornamental fish colorful, coral reefs are very beautiful, and also not too deep. But because it is not making a lot of dead coral reefs, this is because the reefs are many who are touched or disturbed by tourist activity. The number of tourists visiting this spot make the survival of coral reefs so disturbed, especially not the least of tourists it can not beranang, so many broken coral reefs. But for ledih depth of two meters, this spot is still quite beautiful coral reefs. For tourists who want to snorkel there, please be careful not to hurt and not to damage the coral, especially who can not swim.

2) Spot Gosong Fir
Located east of the island pine big (huge). In this spot you can see also ornamental fish but not as much as in the spot Maer, Spot is quite deep, beautiful coral reefs masi, if you are lucky you can see turtles or other marine biota.

3) Spot Nyamplungan

It is in the west of the island karimunjawa, Same as above 2 spot, spot Nyamplungan also offers the beauty of the underwater Karimun Jawa.

4) Tanjung Gelam (beaches and islands)

The beach is located on the island's west sebalah karimunjawa, this beach has a very good tourist charm, here you can play sand or swimming in shallow waters. In addition here are many food and drink provided the sellers there, or you can also take pictures together. Photo spot most favored by tourists is tilted coconut tree, most of the tourists are to karimunjawa took pictures taken at this palm tree. Gelam cape coast can also be reached by land is approximately one hour from the square karimunjwa.

5) Middle Island and Little Island (Minor)

The island is located east of the island karimunjawa, traveling from island karimunjawa takes approximately 2 hours of taking a motor boat. In addition to the right or left of the island there are also places snorkeling, with coral reefs and marine life are equally beautiful. If you are lucky you will see dolphins on the way to the island.

In tengah2 trips, usually seen mounds of sand are visible if the tide is low, precisely in the south of the island little. To view it takes approximately a 35 minute trip from the island karimunjawa, by the local community elongated mounds of white sand is often called the island sandbar.

6) Island Geleang

Position in the west of the island karimunjawa, here beaches are quite spacious, clean and beautiful. You can only take pictures or play sand at this place. In addition Geleang island is also often used as a place for grilled fish, because a fairly large island.

Paket Wisata Karimunjawa

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